Dental and Oral Health

  • Dental and Oral Health


One of the first diseases that come to mind when health problems are mentioned is periodontal disease. But it is not possible to say that we show the necessary importance to our dental health. However, with the increase in aesthetic concerns in the recent years, people have been paying more attention to how their teeth look and they have started to protect their dental health.

The most important cause of tooth cavities and gingival infections is not paying attention to dental cleanliness. Dental cavities and dental infections are manifested by pain, reddened gums, inflammation between teeth and gums, bad breath and bleeding during eating or brushing teeth.
Brushing our teeth at least twice a day regularly after meals and going to the dentist at least every 6 months will save us from all these troubles. The toothbrush should be changed every 3 months and the parts that the toothbrush cannot reach must be cleaned with the help of a floss. Tooth cavities should be treated immediately to avoid loss of teeth. Therefore, if there is bleeding during toothbrushing or eating, if there is swelling in the gums or if there is bad breath, it is essential to consult a dentist.


 Treatment of gingival diseases includes cleaning the plaque and tartar on the teeth and ensuring a smooth root surface. This allows removal of bacteria and irritants that cause inflammation in the gingiva. Usually this treatment is sufficient to re-adapt the gingiva to the teeth or shrink the gingiva to eliminate the periodontal pocket. In the majority of cases during the early period of gingival disease, daily effective oral care following the removal of tartar and plaque is sufficient for a successful treatment. More advanced cases may require surgical treatment.

Tooth Extraction:

The reason why many patients run away from the dentist is tooth extraction. It is the procedure of removing teeth which do not respond to protective treatment methods, that cannot be kept with dental filling or root canal treatment due to reasons such as cavity and infection, or for orthodontic treatment because of narrowness of the mouth.

Root Canal Treatment:

 When the tooth is irreversibly infected, the following intervention is called root canal treatment and it is performed by removing the pulp containing the dental vein and nerve pack. It is the filling procedure first applied to the inside of the tooth and then to the surface of it. This treatment is usually performed on adults, but it can also be applied to children due to cavity.

Implant Treatment:

Dental implant is placing the dental root made from a suitable material to the jawbone by dentists for the purpose of ensuring function and aesthetics of the teeth again. Conventional crowning is expressed as an alternative treatment that is safer than bridges and plate prostheses. It is a prosthesis that is placed in or on the jawbone to complete the missing teeth and to complete the parts of the mouth that are missing. In this practice, which prevents tooth loss, a patient who has had an implant treatment can return to normal life on the same day..

Dental Porcelain:

One of the most preferred materials of dentists is dental porcelain. Porcelain dental procedure is a dental prosthesis which is performed by covering your teeth, which are not healthy or have no aesthetic appearance and cannot perform basic tasks such as biting, with porcelain. When zirconium material is preferred in the porcelain, it can be used for years since it is a durable material that does not show any color change. This provides a natural look to the teeth in terms of health and image. It is seen as a miracle in dental treatment.

Orthodontic Treatment:

Orthodontics is a discipline that deals with the correction of crooked teeth, removal of incongruities in teeth, jaws and face. By helping jaw development in young children, it ensures that teeth are in their right positions and also helps adults by treating tooth curvature and closing defects. With social development and social progress, people who prefer a good mouth structure and happy smiles mention their orthodontic treatment needs, saying that one of the most important elements of both work and social life is teeth. At the same time, tooth curvatures, which are also a serious disorder, turn into teeth and smiles that look regular over a period of time with the help of dental braces.

Tooth Whitening:

Tooth whitening is the process of turning the appearance of the teeth into a natural look by removing the yellowish colors. These procedures, which dentists can easily do, are painless and give the patient a nice tooth appearance with the laser. While the biggest reasons for tooth discoloration are indicated as the consumption such as coffee, tea, cola and cigarettes, experts point out that the use of medicines such as antibiotics also stain teeth.

Smile design:

It is possible to have a more aesthetic and healthier teeth, preferably with a longer length of the front teeth for women and a homogeneous distribution of the teeth for men by providing the support of cheeks and lips to teeth. Today, we often see computer-assisted smile programs. With computer-assisted smile programs, you can see how your smile is going to be in accord with your face after the procedure approximately without any prior action. It is possible to get a good result in a short time with the common decisions made by the doctor and the patient and a smile design performed correctly.