Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

  • Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


Shortly known as Plastic Surgery, the branch’s full name is Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery involves the reparation of organ and tissues with integrity and function failure. Aesthetic Surgery involves the interventions for a better look.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery:

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a surgical branch that tries to eliminate the inborn or later acquired anomalies, malformation and malfunctions and improve the body image.

This surgical branch’s fields of interest are listed as:

  •  Facial deformity (Asymmetries, congenital cysts, rare facial cracks)
  •  Cleft lip-palate
  •  Orthognathic surgery (Jaw closing failure)
  •  Absence of external ear, prominent ear and other deformities
  •  Nose defects, tumors, ruptures
  •  Facial bone and soft tissue traumas
  •  Car accidents, tumor and other reasoned bone defects-fractures, deformities and dysfunctions
  •  Breast absence, asymmetry or prominent breast tissue
  •  Breast reconstruction after cancer
  •  Gynecomasty (Large breast in men)
  • Congenital anomalies of genital organs (Epispadias, hipospadias, vaginal agenesia etc.)
  •  Reconstruction of genital organs, replantations of severed organs
  •  Chest and abdominal wall defects
  •  Absences in hand and foot or other deformities
  • Head-neck neoplasms and reconstruction of their defect
  •  Skin and soft tissue tumors (nevus, masses, hemangiomas on skin etc.)
  • Deformities after acute ambustion and ambustion, contractions, shrinkage, the damages that electric and chemical substances leave on soft tissue
  •  Chronic contusions (bed sores, venous contusions, diabetic foot wounds etc.)

Aesthetic Surgery (Cosmetic Surgery)

It is a branch of plastic surgery. Here aesthetic problems are in the forefront rather than a medical problem. Aesthetic surgery performs operations and interventions to improve the body image and reach the perfection.

Appearance has become an important factor in this modern world. It directly affects the social lives of people. Therefore, people want to feel good not only spiritually but also with their appearances today. Aesthetic surgery can improve one’s appearance and his/her view of self by forming the unwanted body shapes.

Beauty is a relative concept depending on time, place and person. The necessity of the aesthetic surgery is a personal choice. Aesthetic surgeons inform the patient, recommend more logical and achievable options based on their scientific backgrounds and experiences.

Operative and non operative methods can be applied separately to reach the goal in the aesthetic surgery.

This surgical branch’s fields of interest are listed as:

  •  Aesthetic and functional nose reconstruction (Rhinoplasty, septorhinoplasty)
  •  Face lifting-eye lid and circumoral revisions, wrinkle treatment
  •  Endoscopic face-forehead-eyebrow lifting
  •  Eye lid (Blepharoaplasty)
  •  Fixing prominent ear and other aesthetic problems in ear
  •  Jaw enlargement and reduction operations (Mentoplasty)
  •  Removing scar (mark) and irregularities on skin
  •  Hair transplantation-replacements
  •  Aesthetic breast operations (enlargement, reduction and lifting)
  •  Extra skin and sub-skin fat tissue reduction operations (liposuction- lipectomy)
  •  Abdomen lifting (Abdominoplasty)
  •  Leg contour fixing (liposuction, injection or leg implants)
  •  Skin care and interventions
  • • Laser applications (Face peeling, removal of spot and vein malformations)