About Us

About Us

We care your health. With 15 years of experience in health sector, our aim as ONEM HEALTH CENTER is first to inform you correctly and clearly, second, bring you and our leading medical doctors who are experts in their field together in order to restore your health.

Doctor Oznur Eroglu Ermis who is the manager of ONEM HEALTH CENTER considers patients not as customers but as individuals who need treatment. For this reason, it is our priority to treat our patients with the motto “right doctor and right treatment” with the least possible cost.

How do we work?

Our patients follow us on our official website (www.onemhealth.com) or social media, or they communicate with us through our previous patients.

Our assistants listen to our patients who have communicated with us and they do the necessary informing and direct to the most suitable doctors for them.

Our doctor make a preliminary interview with the patient to get information and then the patient is given an appointment.

Transportation and accommodation options for the patient are determined by our assistants and presented to the patient.

Patients from outside Istanbul are picked up at the airport one day before the appointment date and placed to their hotel. At the appointment date, the patient is taken from the hotel to doctor’s office.

After the examination and analysis are carried out, doctor gives information about the patient’s health status. What to do for the treatment is explained to the patient. If the patient accepts, treatment will start immediately. During the treatment, our patients are checked periodically.

During the treatment time, touristic visits to historical and cultural places of Istanbul are also organized.

When the treatment is completed and the patient is in good health, the patient is taken from the hotel where he is staying and left at the airport.
The end of treatment of our patients does not mean that our communication will end. Our patients are called by our assistants at certain times to get feedback about their health status and if necessary contact them with their doctor.

Contact us for your health.